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Closed off to apertion

Closed off to apertion,
In time we learn to forget
The coarse scrim obscuring
Our worn out portraits. 
Lost in details of moments writ,
And color the words we know.
No matter the indistancy,
I am so far from home. 

When you are deconstructing,
Or renewing me from incomplete,
The moon and stars darker still,
From every battlefield you retreat. 
Words don’t match the moves.
Secret truths and honest lies.
You know the dam is building up
And you scrutinize my disguise.

Hold my dreams to the stone,
Grind out what the evenings meant.
I don’t fight the nightmares anymore,
I’ve been falling from the indesinent.
Be honest, be something real.
Say the words that break me.
I’ll pick up the pieces one day,
You’re the gold that’ll recreate me.

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