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Drifting on resonant waves

Drifting on resonant waves
Dreams are no longer irrelevant. 
The hearth still glowing
Embers outburning snuff. 
Careening back and forth 
Through forgotten corners
Immovable in the presence
Of Aphrodite’s chariot
Yet, misunderstood in gages. 

Know the heart, see the self. 
Enveloped in admiration. 
Be consumed in propensity,
Haunt the world from the soul,
Overtop and underneath.
Curiousity will fill the mind
And devour the hours. 
Why is returning to comfort
The inevitable tomestone?
Covered over like honey
And a weighted concoction.

Visions are lies we believe
As faces and words are
To devoted hearts and 
Delivered on golden platters,
Distanced from the grieving. 
When the murk of reality
Lies too far apart from
The roses of the notional
Stretch your arms across 
That teetered bridge
And pull her closer
Toward that daring edge. 

She’s waiting to roll the 
Credits that satisfy the story
Should you release her,
Set her free on unending wings
Circling in all her glory. 
As you take your leave
As the eternal days do pass
As she leaves you reaching 
For the family hammercloth
Breathless on golden streets. 
Enduring and perpetual
Like the music of your soul. 
Leaden and outflowing
With burdened control.

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