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Bleak, muted, settled in sentiment

Bleak, muted, settled in sentiment. 
I wallowed in the moments and reasons,
And wore misery like a tailored suit in season.
The degraded colors hung around me,
A gentle reminder of impermanence. 
Like the shedding of skin, so easily shrugged.
And as the warmth and joy faded from the world
They gasped and lost their breath of wind. 
My heart stopped beating and only,
Whispered echoes resounded from within. 

She came, as brilliant as the rising sun,
And settled into the crevices of my rimose soul. 
All my overgrown insecurities defoliated, 
Giving way as new blossoms are sprung. 

She floats along elegant as the lotus.
Sweet on the surface and pure of her thoughts. 
She drifts unweighted by opinion or intensity,
And incognizant of the depths upon which she persists. 
She brings within me a peace of mind. 
As I hope she finds a mirrored comfort in me. 

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