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The box left out depicts of sizeable hardships,

The box left out depicts of sizeable hardships,
How sharp are the pieces and broken apart. 
For better was easy, for worse made us queasy
The true nature of intent in our beating hearts. 
Fear will pursue me and often times use me
To shy from old conflicts and resolves at play.
Fighting through years brings heartache and tears,
How can I live once you walk away?

The best will hide like serpents in pride 
And turnover hide bringing smiles at bay.
I will carry you even when you can’t love me
No matter the status, so what do you say?
When the hearts and souls are scattered like pieces 
Across every cavern and crevice and clay
Will you still hold me, rise like a Phoenix above me,
In the dark would you light me, and love me anyway?

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